Certificate Attestation for UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Embassies and from various departments like GAD, State Education Department, NOTARY, HOME MINISTRY, SDM, Delhi HRD and various Embassies.
Now a days it is ncessary to get the Educational certificates to be attested from its issueing countries. Educational certificates are like SSLC, Degree, Plus two,, BTech, BE, BBA, MBBS, CA and Post graduate certificates like MA, MCOM, MBA, MCA etc. Normally the educational certificates are attesting for the purpose of giving the proof that he/she is qualified for a specific job overseas. Then only the Employer company will accept the certificate for the job.
Another situation of usage of Educational certificate abroad is to enroll for a new course and show the University that he/she is eligible for their higher education course. The University will check the authenticating seal from the issueing country of the certificate.


For Educational certificates from India, the procedures are:

  • Notary
  • Home department
  • Ministry of external Affairs
  • Concerned Country Embassy
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Legal translfation

These process are a chain of process. All these process can be done with our document hanling experts. They will process it and deliver wherever you want in the world.

Educational certificates are to be done either the Attestation or Apostille. It is determined whether a An Educational certificate to be Attested or Apostilled considering the country to which the certificate suppose to use. If the destination country is a member of hague convention., then it is to be Apostilled.
If the destination country is not a member of Hague Convention, then it is to be Attested from variouse government departments
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