Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation for UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Embassies and from various departments like GAD, State Education Department, NOTARY, HOME MINISTRY, SDM, Delhi HRD and various Embassies.

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India gives an out look to the aspiring and inspiring options which can give them the best. The attestation of Certificates are having a vital importance in the legalization industry due to the increasing number of Overseas opportunities.

Certificates should be attested from different departments for authenticating it. It can be attested from the different departments in the State government, Central government and Foreign Embassies in India and Abroad. We attest Indian Educational certificates, Non Educational certificates and all other documents for all nations including United States of America ( USA),United Arab Emirates( UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, China and all most all nations of the world On the basis of the types and category we can classify the documents.

The certificates obtained from UniversitiesSchoolsCollegesPrivate institutes indicating thequalification and skill will come under this section. The attestation of educational certificate is mandatory for overseas employment and higher studies. We attest all the certificates including Degree certificate ( B.Arc, BA, B.Sc, BBA, BE, B.Tech, B.Pharm, B.Com etc..), School Certificates (HSCVHSCPlus TwoPDC10 th CertificateSSLC etc..), Post Graduate Certificate ( MA, M.Sc, M.com, MBA, LLM, ME, M.Tech.. )DiplomaITI, Trade certificates and all other Educational Certificates.

We are the specialists and Global leaders in Non-educational certificate attestation also This category includes Marriage Certificate, BirthDeathAffidavitsExperience, Transfer, Provisional Certificate Transfer and Leaving Certificates.

We can give you the best service for PCC for almost al nations. Police clearance certificate is mandatory To engage in business abroad, btaining residence visas, Migration to other countries, Employers request, Joining University etc…

Attestation of commercial document is also a sex which is having maximum importance in thisglobalised world.This category includes Joint Venture Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Shareholders agreement, Letter of Incorporation, Memorandum Articles, Deeds, Invoice etc…

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