karnataka state open university certificate attestation for UAE Embassy

Certificate Attestation for UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Embassies and from various departments like GAD, State Education Department, NOTARY, HOME MINISTRY, SDM, Delhi HRD and various Embassies.

The Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysore – a pioneer in the sphere of Distance Education in India, has great pleasure in greeting you here. For an education institution whose very building blocks are Openness and Universality, nothing more open and more Universal could have happened than this website. Karnataka State Open University is a well-known imparting quality education for all without any physical boundaries. People who are willing to have knowledge and certificate KSOU is the best university in the field of distance education.

UAE is non-member of the Hague Convention. All the document intended to use in United Arab Emirates required legalization not apostille which generally known as attestation or authentication.There are many ways to attest educatinal document from India , it’s a chain process. The authorities of UAE is focused only Ministry of foreign affairs attestation locally (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi). But to get that all the other attestation is required,
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Type A

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1. Notary (Maharashtra)
2. Home Department (Maharashtra)
3. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
4. UAE Embassy (New Delhi)
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(locally from UAE)



Type B

Home Department
1. Home Department (Concerned State)
2. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
3. UAE Embassy (New Delhi)
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(locally from UAE
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